Amelia County

During the Revolutionary War, in 1781, Amelia was raided by British forces under General Tarleton. Eighty-four years later, the Amelia County records amazingly survived through the Civil War. According to legend, they were saved in April, 1865 because Federal General George Custer, of Little Big Horn fame, placed a guard over the Amelia County Clerkís Office with orders that all records be preserved.

The last major battle of the Civil War was fought at what is now Sailorís (Saylerís) Creek Battlefield Historical State Park located on the western edge of Amelia County. The 220-acre state-owned battlefield is operated by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation through its Division of State Parks. The Sailorís (Saylerís) Creek site commemorates the battle which took place on April 6, 1865. In this battle alone, General Lee lost half his army during the three days of conflicts. The Confederate Army suffered a crippling defeat which led to General Robert E. Leeís surrender at Appomattox seventy-two hours later. The Hillsman House, restored in 1945 and located at the park, was used as a federal field hospital during the battle. The park offers an audio tour with maps and markers of the battlefield. Reenactments of the Sailorís (Saylerís) Creek Battle are also held in the park.

  • Wigwam, home of William Branch Giles, Governor of Virginia (1827-1830), is located on Giles Road in northern Amelia. (Route 637)
  • Haw Branch, located on Haw Branch Lane, was constructed in 1745 by Colonel Thomas Tabb. (Route 667)
  • Egglestetton was built in the mid-1700ís and is located on Egglestetton Road. (Route 630)
  • The Farmer House, located off State Route 307 on Days Lane, was built in 1821 by Nelson Farmer. (Route 647)
  • Dykeland, the nineteenth century home of the Harvie and Taylor families, is located on Dykeland Road. (Route 632)
  • Namozine Presbyterian Church, located on Namozine Road, was an encampment site for Robert E. Leeís troops as they departed from Petersburg towards the fateful journey to Appomattox (Route 708)
  • Battlefield State Historical Park, located on Saylers' Creek Road, was the last major battle of the Civil War before Appomattox. (Route 617)